About Us


Because the government procurement process is requirements driven, we take a holistic approach to creating opportunities. The Command Holdings Group companies work in concert to offer a selection of complementary services to grow your business. We also offer a proprietary FGrowth™ Federal Market Analysis Program to quantify market potential, identify new market segments and provide strategic recommendations for business growth. This in-depth analysis identifies requirements, programs, budgets, competitors and customers for your products and services. The results are a customized business blueprint and capture strategy for the federal market.

Our expertise and insight runs makes us particularly effective in these markets:

  • Defense: Automotive, PPE, Weapons Systems, Aviation, Military Construction & Facilities
  • Management
  • Homeland Security
  • Energy
  • U.S. Intelligence Community
  • National Guard Equipment Modernization
  • Healthcare: Drug Development, Research Grant Opportunities & Medical Devices
  • Universities & Academic Research Institutions
  • International